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Since there is a rise in credit card debt levels all the time, credit counseling agencies are reaping huge profits. Therefore as a consumer, it is in your interest to choose the right credit counseling agency for you. In general, an accreditation with National Foundation for Credit Counseling or Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies would be recommended. 

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Setting up non-profit credit counseling agencies is quite popular these days because the non-profit status helps these agencies in availing numerous benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the federal and state level tax exemptions granted to these non-profit credit counseling agencies. The two tax exemptions combined together can add up to thousands of dollars every year. In addition to tax exemptions, the non-profits status also makes these agencies eligible for several pu...

Morbi leo risus porta ac conso sectetur ac You can enquire about authenticity of a profit credit counseling agency from the local Better Business Bureau. As a debtor, you can get information related to any complaints lodged against the agency at the bureau. You can also get information related to a profit credit counseling agency from online credit forums. Good credit counseling agencies are a boon for all debtors. They help in developing a personalized debt management and budget plans for debtors. To help debtors in reducing their debt, these agencies go a step forward and speak to creditors and make them lower down or remove interest, finance charges and late payment penalties from debt amount. Some of these agencies can even get the debt collectors off the back of poor debtors. Keeping these advantages of good non profit credit counseling agencies, debtors must always be careful in selecting an agency to help them in managing their debts. Remember that if you get involved with an agency established just to make profit, you may end up worse than you are at this moment.


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